MetArch Allegiance Introduces A-One An All-In-One Highly Formulated Activated Charcoal Product

A product that promises an everlasting life of joy and prosperity

"It is a product with all of the impossibilities in disguise of what is possible"

                                                                               -MetArch Allegiance


A-One is a highly formulated activated charcoal product, infiltrated with organic and inorganic compounds that have many great uses. It is useful for in the production of construction materials, helps in restoring health, creates dry ice that helps generate electricity, produces ethanol fuel, great for home appliances, and excellent for the advancement in technology. 

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Lets Go Green!

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A Global Outreach 

MetArch Allegiance plans on further extending its generosity in replenishing the earth and defying the impossible. MetArch wants you to know that we look forward in revitalizing communities by creating a green sustainable energy that renews solar energy, geothermal energy, and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency


The A-One Product

will help purify water and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions

Coal fly ash has been known to act as a filler in concrete that provides many benefits. When added to concrete, it acts as an alternative green solution that reduces pollution. Adding coal fly ash along with other organic and inorganic compounds has the ability to produce a natural premium gas derived from coal thus creating an eco-friendly product with many functionalities. As a result, we obtain a highly formulated activated charcoal by adding organic and inorganic compounds to formalize and structure its strength and resist weather corrosion. In the formula, it is able to self-heal and adsorb a vast amount of carbon dioxide on the surface, then penetrate deep into the shaft of the porous compound to produce dry ice. As the A-One product undergoes a purifying process where it eliminates impurities found in water, it also helps create a pristine and rejuvenating water with alkalinity contents. While it improves energy efficiency in other areas of sustainability, it will  help improve balance and harmony within nature by reducing pollution and improving the growth of agriculture products.

When properly assembled with other constituents, it acts as a fire retardant, generates electricity, produces aerogel and other industrial materials. When paired with steel and other metal components, it creates a magnetic force field that has the ability to attract the moon to shift closer to the earth. The product contains magnetic and diamagnetic properties where there will be a neutralized magnetic force enabling the moon to create a balanced energy field. Due to its opposite polarities, this creates an equilibrium force field between earth and the moon where it emits radio frequencies communicating to each other through waves the desired placement within the planetary system.  

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