A-ONE An Activated Charcoal Concrete Compound

"There Is Only One Truth And It Is A-ONE"

                                                                               -MetArch Allegiance


An activated charcoal concrete compound used to help build a green infrastructure. 

The product will be made available to by 2019

 A-ONE Concrete Compound

reconstruct buildings, roads, and homes

A-ONE is an activated charcoal concrete compound created to replenish the environment by building a green infrastructure that restores the ecosystem and its quality of life. The concrete compound is an alternative green solution product created for rebuilding roads, reservoirs, and homes. Along with GEMIT, it has multipurpose features that protects the properties of A-ONE. Consisting of fibrous strands of carbons compiled into a strong composition that adsorbs contaminants, this results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and its resistance to corrosion. Its low thermal conductivity contains inflammable properties that can withstand high temperature for greater energy efficiency. This maintains the concrete's structure and resiliency. It is no wonder why it is called A-ONE, a product that contains safe and unmeasurable features. "It is a product with all of the impossibilities in disguise of what is possible."

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