MetArch Allegiance offers various services that specializes in providing adequate resources that will help sustain and maintain your needs and improve your daily lives


A.Sylvester Enterprise

At A.Sylvester Enterprise, we provide the highest quality equipment and subcontractors at your service. Partnered with MetArch Allegiance a not-for-profit organization that specializes in reconstructing communities by building a green infrastructure and owns a highly formulated activated charcoal product called A-One, which is an all-in-one product; we will be able to provide you with enough eco-friendly materials hat can be utilized for personal and business uses.

MetArch Real Estate 

MetArch Real Estate provides top-notch services to customers who are searching for a place to call home; we provide services in the United States and Internationally. Services offered at MetArch Real Estate entails a purchase of new and/or refurnish homes, rental properties of residential buildings, and houses that are sold to MetArch Real Estate that have been renovated to be placed on a decent market value. MetArch Real Estate are well-equipped with qualified professional brokers and agents that will polish every transaction. 

MetArch Accounting firm

With MetArch Accounting Firm, we will advise you with the best options for your finances that will help give you a peace of mind. Provided with legal services that will enhance your views on finance and money management, MetArch Accounting Firm offers consulting, bookkeeping, taxes, and risk management where your documentations will be kept confidential and secured. 


Metarch Academy

MetArch Academy, a non-profit academy that was started in 2018 to bring-forth the vital importance of education. We are determine to provide learning materials that will help advance the youth to become a change agent in their purposeful career. MetArch Academy is more than a scholarly academy, we are an educational institution that meets above the standards; we are visionaries with a common purpose. 

 Metarch airlines

There is nothing worst than sitting on an airplane that does not provide comfortable seats and drinks at your service. At MetArch Airlines, we not only provide complimentary services, we offer options to expedite your flight by using new and improved flights along with efficient gas that will accelerate our customers to their desire location. With the advancement of our   high-quality premium metallurgical fuel supplied by A.Sylvester Enterprise, you will get to your location in the blink of an eye.

Metarch Performing arts

Sing, Dance & Shout at MetArch Performing Arts where all entertainment is coordinated and showcased. MetArch Performing Arts does more than put on a good show, we offer acting, dancing, music and other performing art classes. We educate our audience about the beauty of art that comes from different cultures. We demonstrate to our viewers through music the bodily rhythms and the soulful movements that move within the beat of our body and the frequency of our voice that flows to create oneness; all presented to our audience, the joyful journey of a theatrical show.