MetArch Allegiance offers services that assist you in the areas of improving you and your family's lives


A.Sylvester Enterprise

 A Supplier That Offers Services To Our Clients Who Are Searching For Alternative Green Solution Materials That Will Help Build Their Vision From The Ground Up.

MetArch Real Estate 

MetArch Real Estate is an agency that assists our clients on investment properties and securing their belongings. We are authorized lenders who are well-equipped with qualified brokers and real estate agents that will advise you on making the best decisions for you and your family. 

MetArch Accounting firm

 MetArch Accounting Firm is a financial institution that maintains a portfolio of investment securities and business transactions. The firm is determined to giving our clients peace of mind with the consulting, tax planning and other accounting options that better prepare you for the tax filing year. 

Metarch Academy

MetArch Academy is a learning institution that meets beyond the standards; we are visionaries with a common purpose. Applying critical thinking and reasoning to everyday situations is our primary goal as children embark on a journey to finding their purpose.

 Metarch airlines

MetArch Airlines is a commercial airline that is dedicated to making every traveling experience a pleasant one. The business assures managing your traveling arrangements and hotel reservations to help fulfill your expectations. With our customer support team, we make sure that every step of the way that you will be satisfied with the services provided at MetArch Airlines.

Metarch Performing arts

MetArch Performing Arts is a theater that presents a visual craft of musical performances. We showcase theatrical shows using rhythm and tempo to star-struck the audience about the beauty of artistry. A technique that practices style and poise.