An eco-friendly premium fuel that maintains the longevity of your engines


 Ethanol fuel that improves the performance of your vehicles while ensuring safety and protection. Designed to be clean and efficient serving all business industries. 

The product will be made available to you by 2019

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Ethanol fuel that generates electricity

META PREMIUM FUEL is a biodegradable fuel produced from the hemp fibers of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. It is extracted from the A-ONE CONCRETE COMPOUND fibers and converted into fuel to generate electricity. It is unleaded gas that reduces the knocking and corrosions of your engines resulting in the longevity of your vehicles. Its high compression and resistance to re-ignition improve the engine's mechanism which increases the life of your vehicle and its parts. As a result, this lessens the release of volatile organic compounds and its biological effects on the environment. The fuel is a noncombustible created to ensure safety, protection, and long range for distance travelers. “A fuel produced at its inception from the truth that tells it all. META PREMIUM FUEL, a biodegradable fuel that runs efficiently.”

All of our products are handled with care to ensure that every step of the way that our customers are satisfied.