We inform communities the importance of community service and its influential affects it has on individuals

We inspire communities by being a positive role model through our philanthropic approach

We impart by contributing to the communities thus demonstrating the art of giving

We are a Collective Organization that Honors Principles, Values and Purpose. A Purpose that Serves Many Contingent Communities that Strives on Achieving a Common Goal


Our Mission

MetArch Allegiance was started to eradicate impoverished territories by uplifting mankind through the advancement of utilizing a green infrastructure that would replenish homes, health, agriculture, and education. MetArch Allegiance serve communities to help thrive in disciplinary subjects that supports leadership and philanthropy. Creativity and purpose are our values that motivate us to continue providing services that will capacitate you to accomplish your aspirations. MetArch Allegiance purpose is to expand the horizon by reaching out to individuals and businesses to accomplish a mission that goes beyond expectations. 

    By using a comprehensive approach that will restore ministry, community development, landscape operations, and education; we are committed to changing the mind of what community involvement is on a global scale. We look forward to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions to 50% before 2050 in each polluted countries by utilizing a highly formulated activated charcoal product that has the ability to reduce pollution and remove toxins from water supplies. Restoration in the communities creates balance and harmony within nature and it is our responsibility to answer the calling.

What We Will Achieve:

  • Create job opportunities to help support individuals become a change agent within their communities
  • Honor a created green infrastructure that will support the renewal of the eco-system
  • An educational institution that will help children understand the significance of fellowship and academia
  • Navigate through cities helping to reconstruct homes and provide relief from natural disasters
  • Guide the youth in other disciplinary subjects that would help produce creativity and leadership
  • Enlighten communities about the vital functions of philanthropy and community engagement





I am an alumni from The State University of New York at Plattsburgh. I graduated from Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in TV/Video Production. I am a passionate and supportive individual who believes that art and community service is what brings people from different walks of life together. I am a diligent and eager worker, who is self-driven; my motivation is to succeed at everything that I do. The definition of success is used in myriad ways. Society in the United States says that success is only money, but success can meet beyond the expectations. Success is having a purpose, strength, and the ability to overcome your weaknesses. Completing a purpose brings self-actualization and a support system brings gratitude. The convergence of all these elements creates a successful person that I strive to become.