We inform communities the importance of community service and its affects it has on individuals

We inspire communities by being a  role model through our involvement in environmental projects

We impart by contributing to communities thus exhibiting the art of giving

We are a Collective Organization that Honors Principles and Purpose. A Purpose that Assist Contingent Communities that Strives on Achieving a Common Goal


Our Mission

MetArch Allegiance is a nonprofit organization that is actively involved in taking actions in the green solution project to help replenishes the ecosystem. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 80% before 2070 in each country with a strategic method of utilizing a green infrastructure. The organization is dedicated to engaging in environmental stewardship and community engagement through the art of giving.

As a collective organization, we strive to inspire others about the importance of participating in community service to achieve a common goal that brings change. We offer opportunities that progressively steer individuals towards the direction of success that would help advance their skills. MetArch Allegiance is committed to accomplishing a mission that meets beyond our expectations. With the mission that we standby, we will continue in Redefining The Impossible

What We Will Achieve:

  • Create job opportunities that support individuals and their families
  • Honor a green infrastructure that replenishes our ecosystem
  • Adapt to a lifestyle that restores our health and well-being 
  • Nurse villages and cities with a strategy that provides global relief
  • Give back to communities by encouraging and motivating social change 
  • Expand goodwill and philanthropy to associations and organizations




ALLISON SYLVESTER: Founder & Chief executive officer 

I am the CEO and founder of MetArch Allegiance and A.Sylvester Enterprise; organizations that seeks in Redefining The Impossible. I am a passionate and supportive individual who believes that art and community service is what brings people from different walks of life together. I am a diligent and eager worker, who is self-driven; my motivation is to succeed at everything that I do. The definition of success is used in infinite ways. Society in the United States says that success can only be proven through money, but success can meet beyond the expectations. Success is having a purpose, strength, and the ability to overcome your weaknesses. Completing a purpose brings self-actualization and a support system brings gratitude. The convergence of all these elements creates a successful person that I strive to become.