There Is Only One Truth And It Is A-One
— MetArch Allegiance

The Vision 


MetArch Allegiance is a not-for-profit organization that seeks in Redefining The Impossible. It was created to bring-forth justice and eradicate poverty in impoverished territories. Through this understanding, the organization seeks to create a green infrastructure by building a concrete compound that will be used to build homes, reconstruct roads and improve the water and air supply. This will allow us to help reform agriculture, provide homes, and revitalize communities for countries who do not have access to adequate resources. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 50% in each polluted areas before 2050 and provide accessible alkaline water. This will help restore the overall health of mankind and the atmosphere. As we do the work of creating a green sustainable environment, we will replenish the eco-system and create a pristine world for us and future generations